Bottle Conditioning Process

Cascade Brewing NW Style Sour Beers, with the exception of Cerise Nouveau, are all bottle conditioned and still “alive” with yeast and bacteria. This process of bottle fermentation, which carbonates the beer in the bottle, makes our sour beers ideally suited for aging. We blend all our sour beers to be ready to drink once they are released, but we are often asked how these beers will taste with some age on them.

Temperature plays a big role in how a bottle of Cascade Brewing sour ale will age. A cellar temperature of 50-55˚F will still promote slow activity of the yeast and bacteria present. We only inoculate with lactobacillus, although other bacteria and wild yeasts such as Brettanomyces may be present. Higher temperatures accelerate the aging process as remaining sugars and carbohydrates are further consumed, potentially making the beer more acidic, as well as thinning out the mouthfeel.

Cascade Brewing NW Style Sour Ales can be highly carbonated and should be served at 40˚F. There are delicate flavors present in beer that – as it warms in your glass – will be overwhelmed by succeeding flavors. Aromas and flavors will come and be replaced as the beer warms up.

All of our beers are blended and barrel aged for a period of time, then usually additionally aged on fruit. For fruited projects, the date of the product is based on the harvest year of the fruit. If it’s a non-fruited project, the date is based on when the majority of the beer was brewed. We offer a wide variety of 750 ml bottles of current and vintage projects in-house; check our beer finder to find availability near you.